Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just so you know

I just thought that I would let you all know. If my blog doesn't get any better (the pictures take FOREVER to upload...and then something almost always goes wrong and I have to re-do it), I will only be posting to my website. feel free to visit me there anytime. I will tyr a few more times on my blog, but it's not looking good. Just thought I'd let you all know. Or I may just do the text version here and if you'd like to see the pictures you can visit my blog. Also, there were some people asking if they could use my images from this blog and post it to their website or blog. And, anyone that would like to use images from my blog are more then welcome to do so as long as they make sure not to take the credit themselves for the work. Feel free to link them to the blog or back to my website. Thanks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Halloween Cake

Is this the cutest cake or what? It was so simple. Cover the cake with fondant, and then stamp your image (I used food coloring, I've heard others that use non-toxic ink. Click the title for more details. Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Halloween

This is my newest creation. It's the most fun I've had in a long time. This uses the shaving cream technique. Basically you use Classic Ink Refills to color your shaving cream, put your card front in the shaving cream and end up with this fabulous card front to use as a simple "Happy Halloween" or a "Halloween Party Invite" or anything else you can imagine.

Click the title for a more detailed "How To" on this card

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Check out the new poll

I just created a new poll. (Check it out just to the right, it's on the top) If you select "other" feel free to leave a comment on the comment form to say what the "other" hobby would be. You can choose multiple answers.

Inexpensive Solution

Sorry I've been slacking on posting things lately, summer hit and my head is still spinning. I will be able to post more after my kids' school starts. This post is using an inexpensive solution to the problem.

The problem: I left my music out where my 1 year old could reach it. I HAVE to have a pocket in this particular music book.

The Solution: One of those 5-cent folders for "Back to School"

Open it, and cut it in half right across the fold line (length-wise). Trim the folder to fit the area you are going to put the folder. Stamp as desired (I also embossed, I don't know how well you can see it in these photos). Use sticky strip to make sure the pocket stays closed (if needed). And then use sticky strip to adhere to the book. Finished!

It literally took me about 5 minutes for the entire project. And it cost under 10-cents. What's better than that? I'm sure something is...but I can't think of anything right now.

Sorry about the pictures not showing up, click on the link if you want to see all the photos.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Changing your Wood Mount Stamps To Clear Mount!!

Are you running out of room to store all your stamps? I know I am. I am being overrun by my stamps. My first thought was "Well, I guess I need to sell some." So I started to go through all my stamps to get rid of the ones I haven't used, or the ones that I think I could do without. The problem with that was out of about 100 stamp sets, I chose 2 that I could do without. That doesn't really help my storage problem. So I found a way (with the help of a few other Stampin' Up! Demonstrators) to change my wood mount into clear mount stamp sets.

1. Choose your stamp set. For this tutorial, I am using "Ribbon of Hope"

2. Take your clear label off your stamp. (The image on the top of the stamp that let's you see which stamp you are using). Put your stamp in the microwave...yes, I said put it in the microwave, this is the only time you will hear me telling you to put a stamp in the microwave (5-10 seconds will be fine, depending on the size of the stamp) this will loosen the adhesive on the rubber backing of your stamp...and if you have small children, I would suggest doing this when they aren't looking. I had a hard time explaining to my children why it was alright for me to put my stamps in the microwave, but why they'd get in HUGE trouble if I ever saw them doing the same thing.

3. IMMEDIATELY peel rubber stamp from the wood block. BE CAREFUL!!! It's really hot and really sticky. If it doesn't come off real easily, you can put it back in the microwave for a few seconds.

4. Center the image directly on top of rubber stamp (thanks to Stampin' Up! all of their stamps are now the "punch out" design. Which means you don't have to guess where the center of the image is, and it fits PERFECTLY on the rubber backing. Then trim the excess of of the clear image.

5. Place a piece of clear vinyl on top of the clear image (not the rubber stamp, just the clear image that you just placed on the rubber). Trim the excess of the clear vinyl. Now you are finished! You have your clear mount stamp sets.

Now, before you ask how that clears up any room, since you just have to put them right back in the "wood-mount containers" that you just took them out of. Let me tell you about the Clear Mount Stamp cases. Item #119105 You get 4 cases in each package ($4.95 per package...that's only $1.24 per case). Another plus to changing to clear mount instead of wood mount stamps. If you start ordering all your stamps in clear mount instead of wood, you can save $3-$12 per stamp set. Buying just a few of those will pay for your clear mount blocks, and you will continue saving money. Also, (with a tip of the hat to Tami Brown), you can make your own inserts using the Stampin' Up! "My Digital Scrapbooking". If you have any questions contact me using the "Contact Me" icon on my website or e-mail me at

TIP: You can reuse your wood blocks as well. I found the easiest way to clean the glue off of the blocks is as soon as you take your wood block out of the microwave and take the rubber off, take a smaller wood block or something flat and sturdy and scrape the glue off. Since the glue is still hot from the microwave it comes of easily. You can use them as building blocks for your children, or you can paint and decorate them to add some "home decor" in your home. Simple and free!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know, it's an odd title to see at the beginning of July.

It's the start of a new Stampin' Up! year, and I am so excited about this new catalog! There are so many new things and some of the same things that we loved in the old catalog as well. Call me odd, but I am really excited about all the new storage that Stampin' Up! has to offer. They've redone their punches in a slimmer (not to mention easier to handle) new way. It takes up far less storage space. And now they have a storage case for these new punches (Page 200 in the new catalog). They have 4 different options to choose from depending on what types of punches (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Borders or Corner) you have. They also have new Storage for your Big Shot Dies(Page 204 in the new catalog), which is great for me because up until now I have been storing my larger ones in Stampin' Up! Boxes and the smaller ones in decorated Velveeta boxes. :)

If you love your Big Shot as much as I do, they also have 15 new colors of Decor Elements Sheets that you can use with your Big Shot to create more images than you could before. Now your decoration is only limited by your imagination. Stampin' Up! has a TON of new items in the 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalog, if I were to name them all we'd be here for DAYS! Get your Idea Book today and see for yourself.

You have a few options if you want an Idea Book. You can go to my website ( and order one. You can order one from me directly (save yourself some shipping charges), or...and this one is my can get one for FREE! Just host a workshop for me. There is no minimum amount of guests and there is no minimum amount of sales for this offer to be effective. Hold a workshop for doesn't matter if 2 people show up or 20 people show doesn't matter if they order a combined total of $20 or $2, get a free Idea Book just for hosting a workshop for me.

Once you've ordered your 2010-2011 Idea Book you are automatically part of my "Catalog Club" you get special coupons and offers that other customers won't receive. There will be one special each month and only members of my Catalog Club will be able to take advantage of them. However, be aware that if you choose to order a catalog from my website, the coupons will not come WITH that order. You will still receive them, but they will be shipped separately.

Contact me if you have any questions or comments. Just go to my website and hit the "contact me" button.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stationary Purse

Fifth Avenue Floral (#113734)

Cherry Cobbler (#119685)
Not Quite Navy (#101722)

Basic Black (#101179)
Rose Red (#101778)
Versa Mark (#102283)

Stampin’ Up! Accessories
Sticky Strip (#104294)
Your Choice of Brads or Buttons
Clear Embossing Powder (#109131)
(Powder Pal - #102197)
Heat Tool (#100005)
(Bone Folder - #102300)
Clear Envelopes (#102619)
Paper Cutter (#104152)
Whisper White Medium Envelopes (#107301)
3/16" Corner Small Punch (#119871)
(Big Shot - #113439)
(Top Note Die - #113463)

Non-Stampin’ Up! Accessories
Velcro Circles
Computer Paper

Take an 8 1/2" x 11". Score at 5 1/8" from both directions (length-wise). Then measure in (on the top and bottom) 3/4" on each corner. Cut from that mark to the edge of the closes score line. (You will be cutting diagonally). That is the purse.

Then for the "Purse Flap" cut a piece of a coordinating CS 3-1/2" x 5" (Or use the top note die if you have it). Score at 2-1/4" from both sides (length-wise). Round each corner using the Corner Small Punch. Use the “Faux Alligator Technique”. To do this ink up the front of the purse flap with Versa Mark Ink. Cover with Clear Embossing Powder.

Taking your bone folder (or other blunt object) make random, wavy lines through the embossing powder. Then use your heat tool to heat-set. (Tip: DO NOT reuse the embossing powder that falls off when doing the Faux Alligator Technique, this will ruin future projects that you use your embossing powder on because it will be mixed with Versa Mark Ink).

Put sticky strip on one half of the "flap" below the score line. Adhere the purse flap to the back side of your purse in the center.I usually use the flower brads (Item #112579), but if you want a less expensive button you can take the 1/2 circle punch (#119869), cut 6 circles and stack them together with crystal effects (#101055). Put round velcro (with the adhesive on the back) on the back side of your brad to keep the purse closed. Add 2 clear envelopes (#102619) on both sides (inside) of the purse using sticky strip. Decorate computer paper (cut in 1/2 width-wise) and envelopes as you desire.

Inside the finished project.

The outside of the finished project. The purse on the right was made with the 3-1/2" x 5" piece of Card Stock. The purse on the left was made with the Top Note Die.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Teacher Easel Card

This is my newest creation. I was going to write the whole tutorial on here, but there are a lot of pictures and blogger seems to take so much longer to upload photos. So this time I will just send you the link.

I hope you can just click on it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it won't for me (I'm a little challenged when it comes to technology). If not you can either copy and paste this link, or you can go to - click on "About Me" - Click on "My Stampin' Blog" then go to the Teacher Easel Card Blog.

Thanks for checking this out. This was a ton of fun to make...I hope you have as much fun.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

After School Snack Bag

Items Needed:

Serif Essentials Alphabet (#113464)
Big Shot Die-Cut Machine (#113439)
Iron-on Adhesive
Material of your choice

If your kids are anything like mine...when they get home from school the first thing they ask is NOT "Hi, Mom, how was your day?" it's "What is there to eat?" This was a VERY simple bag to make (I know, the story of my life huh? If it's not simple, it's probably not going to get done around this house). I am NOT a sewer by any stretch of the imagination, so you know this bag didn't take much. It is basically a piece of material sewn in 1/2 with some handles attached. I added the Letters using iron-on adhesive (I used Heat n' Bond). That's all it takes. Now when they ask what they can eat (without ruining their appetite for dinner) they can just go get something out of this bag.


This headband is so simple to make. And yet it looks SO cute.

Items Needed:

Stampin' Up! Beautiful Butterflies Die (#114507)
Big Shot Die-Cut Machine (#113439)
Iron-on Adhesive

Using your Big Shot Die-Cut Machine and your Beautiful Butterflies Die, cut 1 large and 1 small butterfly. (The larger butterfly in this picture is made using old jeans that had outlived their usefulness as pants, so I decided to recycle them to make a headband). Layer the smaller butterfly on top of the larger one using the Iron-On Adhesive. Then (again, using the iron-on adhesive) adhere the butterflies to your headband. DONE!

TIP: I made sure to just put the iron-on adhesive in the center of each butterfly to allow the wings to "fly" freely.

This head band was a little more "involved" than the butterfly headband, but I would still put it in the "simple to make" category. And more was FUN!
Items Needed:
Flower, Daisies #2 Big Shot Die (#114520)
Big Shot Die-Cut Machine (#113439)
Clear Rhinestone Brad (#113144)
Any type of Iron-on Adhesive (I used "Heat n' Bond)
1/2" Circle Punch (#104390) (Optional)

TIP: I would also suggest using some "Fray Check" or "Fray Block" or anything similar to prevent fraying of the flowers.

Cut the fabric to the size of the flower die (or cut the pieces the size of each flower to save on fabric. You will end up with 6 total flowers (2 Large, 2 Medium, and 2 Small). Layer them on top of each other largest to smallest, alternating the angle of the flower petals (so each of the layers show). There are a few options in the next step. Use your 1/2" Circle Punch (or a pair of scissors) to cut out a small piece of the Iron-on Adhesive. #1 option: you can cut out 6 small pieces of the Iron-On Adhesive and layer them between each flower to hold them together. Put the brad in the center (before you put the last iron-on circle on). Turn the flower over, open the brad and put the remaining iron-on circle on top of the opened brad. #2 option: you can cut out 2 small pieces of the iron-on adhesive and put one on the back of the large flower (after you have layered all the flowers), heat it, then put the brad in the center of the flower. Turn the flower over, open the brad and put the other circle over the opened brad. (I used the 2nd option for this flower, it seemed to hold just fine after the brad was put in, but it is really your preference).
After you have put the final iron-on circle on top of the opened brad, flip the flower over (right-side-up). Place the flower in the position that you'd like the flower to be on the headband. Hold the iron on it for a few seconds. DONE!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Color Renovation

Hey All! Coming up in July Stampin' Up! will be doing a "color renovation". Some of the colors are the old "In Colors" (now they will just be core colors instead), some of the colors are brand new, and some of the colors are the same colors that we have currently...but sadly some of the colors will be leaving. Take a look at this color renovation chart. If you happen to have a color that you simply cannot live without, make sure that you stock up NOW if you don't see that color on the chart. Stampin' Up! will be selling these colors (Ink, Re-inkers, Card Stock, etc.) until July 01,2010 (or until they are sold out). After that, you will not be able to get those colors.

I think that you can make this bigger by clicking on the photo. If not, make sure to leave a comment in the comment box and let me know that it didn't work. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment in the comment box on this blog. Or you can go to my website and go to "contact me" in the upper right corner and leave your question or comment that way as well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"It's a..." Card

This picture is the outside of the card to announce that there is another baby on the way. The items for this card are:

Night of Navy Card Stock #100867 (8-1/2 x 11) #106547 (12 x 12)
Brocade Blue Card Stock #101166 (8-1/2 x 11) #107091 (12 x 12)
Whisper White Card Stock #100730 (8-1/2 x 11) #106529 (12 x 12)
Night of Navy Classic Ink #102977
Varsity Alphabet Stamp Set #113684
Big Shot #113439
Stampin' Up! Billboard Sizzlits Die #114510

This is the inside of the card. The items used are:

Pixie Pink Card Stock #105121 (8-1/2 x 11) #107105 (12 x 12)
Pink Passion Card Stock #102762 (8-1/2 x 11) #107106 (12 x 12)
Whisper White Card Stock #100730 (8-1/2 x 11) #106529 (12 x 12)
Lovely Letters Stamp Set #115030
Big Shot #113439
Stampin' Up! Billboard Sizzlits Die #114510

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Good Egg Card

Easter is right around the corner; so I thought I would start posting some Easter themed ideas. (Keep checking back, I also have an Easter basket with the cutest eggs that I will be posting shortly).

To start take a 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" piece of Barely Banana Card Stock. Using your SNAIL adhesive (or whatever adhesive you have handy), adhere the background (from Stampin' Up!'s Sweet Pea Designer Series Paper (DSP).

Stamp your chick on Summer Sun Card Stock using Basic Black Classic Ink. Cut your chick out and adhere it to your card front. (TIP: notice the legs on the chick are not real nicely cut...the legs will be covered so you don't really need to worry about what they look like).

Using a piece of blue DSP from the Sweet Pea DSP bundle stamp the egg in Basic Black Classic Ink. Cut a jagged line across your egg. Slightly overlap the 2 pieces of the egg. Pierce a hole in the edge of the egg (pierce one hole that goes through both the top and bottom of the egg) using a 1/16" punch, a paper piercing tool, or a needle. Put a rhinestone brad through the hole. Adhere the egg (ONLY USE ADHESIVE ON THE BOTTOM 1/2 OF THE EGG) over top of your chick using Sticky Strip
(TIP: The use of Sticky in this step is HIGHLY recommended since the egg will be opened and closed repeatedly by the recipient of this card)

Stamp your saying on Apricot Appeal Card Stock using Basic Black Classic Ink and adhere with your SNAIL adhesive to the top of your card.

And your project is finished! Wouldn't you LOVE to receive this card? Make someone's day and send them this cute card.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wish List Wall Hanger

This is a fairly simple wall hanger to make. For the "Wish List" you can either contact your Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, or you could substitute a shopping list for the Wish List. This is made with the On board Book Basics (Large), simply add some Designer Series Paper of your choice, a sticky note pad and a small piece of cork board. For the list of items needed visit my website

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Drawing

This is the thought jar that will be the prize for the February Drawing.
Make sure to get your name in as many times as you can
to increase your chance of winning.
As always, to see how to get your name into this drawing check out my website

Thank you flower card

This is a simple "Thank You" card...and pretty fun to make, if I do say so myself.

Use your Big Shot (Item #113439) to cut out all 3 of the Daisies #2 Bigz die (Item #114520) on Whisper White Card Stock (Item #100730...8 1/2" x 11"). Use the larger flower and a dauber (Item #102892) in Mellow Moss Classic Stampin' Ink(Item #102774) . Lay the flower on your card (as shown below) and use the dauber to create the technique below (this is called a masking technique). And make sure when you finish with each flower to set it aside, we will use them later.

Repeat the same technique in Apricot Appeal Classic Stampin' Ink (Item #105218).

And Again in Bravo Burgundy Classic Stampin' Ink (Item #105214). You will notice (in the picture below) that there is still some white space between the flowers. Take a dauber (in your choice of the 3 colors) to fill this space in.

After "masking" all those flowers, you will now have a large Mellow Moss, a medium Apricot Appeal, and a small Bravo Burgundy flower. (Tip: If you have a flower that hasn't been completely covered, or if you want the flower to be a little darker, just place it on a scratch piece of paper and use the dauber again.) Layer your flowers, as seen below, and glue them together using Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive (Item #110755).

Almost finished! Using your Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive adhere the flower to the card. (See picture below). And punch a small hole through the center of the flower using your paper piercing tool (Item #116631).

Put a Rhinestone Brad (Item #113144) into the center of the flower and stamp "Thank You" (From the Happy Moments Sale-A-Bration stamp set) on Apricot Appeal Card Stock (Item #105124...8 1/2" x 11"). Adhere the "Thank You" with your Tombow Adhesive.
(Tip: If you do not want your brad to be showing through the inside of your card, you have a few options. Option #1: Skip the step where you put a hole in the center of the flower. Put the Rhinestone Brad through the center of the flower BEFORE you put the flower on the card...if you use this option it would be very wise to use Sticky Strip (Item #104294)to adhere the flowers to your card instead of Tombow Adhesive. You can put the Sticky Strip directly on the back side of the brad. Option #2 Add one extra step at the end. Simply cut another piece of Whisper White Card Stock the same size as your card and place that piece on the top of the inside of your card - so the paper covers the brad completely - Tombow Adhesive would probably work on this as well, but I would recommend the sticky strip.)

FINISHED! See, wasn't that fun?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 more months

You only have until March 31, 2010 to order your Sale-A-Bration products. I've mentioned before that this is the greatest promotion to ever come from Stampin' Up! and it only comes around once a year. The stamp sets are different each year, so you only have 2 more months before these products are gone forever (with the exception of the punch, which will go into the Idea Book & Catalog for next year).

Also you only have 3 more weeks to get your name into my drawing promotion. To see how to get your name into the drawing visit my website, click on promotions and scroll down to the bottom. This month's drawing is for a thought jar, I will post pictures soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goal Keeper

Here's the front of the "Goal Keeper" I mentioned in a previous post about New Years Resolutions.

What goes inside it is up to you.

If you are interested in making one for yourself, feel free to go to my website

to find the products and instructions on making this "Goal Keeper"

Good Luck with all of your New Years resolutions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Want FREE Stampin' Up! Products?

How would you like free Stampin' Up! products just for purchasing the products you would buy anyway? Well, now's the perfect time to do just that! SALE-A-BRATION is here again.
When I was a customer Sale-a-bration sounded too good to be true. My Dad always taught me to proceed with caution if something sounded to good to be true. So I did. I read everything I could about Sale-a-bration, I looked on the internet, I talked to people who were virtually Stampin' Up! experts. I kept looking for a catch - and I never found one. You know why? There isn't one.

Alright maybe a small one. Here's the "catch" these Sale-a-bration items (with the new punch excluded) are only going to be here from January 5 (that's today) until March 31, 2010. After March 31st, they will be gone forever. That's the "catch". The punch will be available for purchase after this period...but why buy it later when you can get it for free now?

Here's how (choose the option that fits you best):

1. SPEND: Spend $50* and earn one free Sale-A-Bration product of your choice.

2. HOST: Host a workshop of at least $300* and earn one free Sale-A-Bration product in addition to the generous hostess benefits.

3. JOIN: Join Stampin' Up! during Sale-A-Bration and choose a free stamp set ** from the Idea Book and Catalog (valued up to $47.95)

*Net sales before shipping and handling and tax
**Excluding Hostess Sets

And you can earn another stamp set every time you qualify. For example: If you spend $100, you get 2 free stamp sets from the Sale-A-Bration catalog. If you host a work shop with net sales of $600, you get 2 free stamp sets (plus the hostess benefits). It's a great deal - Don't miss it!

If you are interested let me know either in the comment section of this blog or go to my Stampin' Up! Website I can send you a Sale-A-Bration catalog.

Also, the new Occasions Mini Catalog (January 5-April 30,2010) is now out. There are a few items that are only "While Supplies" last, so make sure you get what you want before they are gone. There's something for everyone!

Monday, January 4, 2010

So many ideas so little time!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? If the answer is 'yes'...good for you! If you are like me and the answer is 'no, because I make them and then feel guilty for not keeping them.' then this idea is for you. This idea is called the "Scrapbook List" Make a scrapbooking album of 10 goals (or more...or less - depending on your enthusiasm for this idea)! Make sure the first page consists of a list of your goals...because, if you're anything like me, life is hectic and you aren't going to remember your goals by May. :) You goals could be anything from "go on a hike" to "run a marathon" that's the beauty of goals, there is no rule that they have to be nearly unattainable to be considered a 'good' goal. They can be simple or they can be's all up to you.
Next, as you accomplish each goal save something to commemorate the event (a picture, an airline ticket, a copy of your marriage licence, etc.)

Getting Started:

1.Get a new album and customize it to fit your personality. Dedicate it to the upcoming year. (Or to Goals in general).
2. Make a list of things you want to do. (If the list becomes massive, pick your 10 or 12 favorites. That would be about 1 goal a month, which would make them more attainable).
3. Make sure your goals not only are achievable, but defined and have an estimated end date. (Instead of the goal "Be a better cook" make the goal "Take a cooking class and make 7 dishes that you learned there).
4. Devote at least one page to a goal. Then in December you can look back and see all of your accomplishments. It is also good motivation because you don't want to get around to December and find that your album is blank.
5. Save a memento from each goal. If you went on a hike save a leaf or something from that hike.
And most importantly: Don't forget to journal! Write what preparation this goal took. Write how you felt when you accomplished this goal. And write how proud you are that you accomplished all your goals this year!