Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This headband is so simple to make. And yet it looks SO cute.

Items Needed:

Stampin' Up! Beautiful Butterflies Die (#114507)
Big Shot Die-Cut Machine (#113439)
Iron-on Adhesive

Using your Big Shot Die-Cut Machine and your Beautiful Butterflies Die, cut 1 large and 1 small butterfly. (The larger butterfly in this picture is made using old jeans that had outlived their usefulness as pants, so I decided to recycle them to make a headband). Layer the smaller butterfly on top of the larger one using the Iron-On Adhesive. Then (again, using the iron-on adhesive) adhere the butterflies to your headband. DONE!

TIP: I made sure to just put the iron-on adhesive in the center of each butterfly to allow the wings to "fly" freely.

This head band was a little more "involved" than the butterfly headband, but I would still put it in the "simple to make" category. And more importantly...it was FUN!
Items Needed:
Flower, Daisies #2 Big Shot Die (#114520)
Big Shot Die-Cut Machine (#113439)
Clear Rhinestone Brad (#113144)
Any type of Iron-on Adhesive (I used "Heat n' Bond)
1/2" Circle Punch (#104390) (Optional)

TIP: I would also suggest using some "Fray Check" or "Fray Block" or anything similar to prevent fraying of the flowers.

Cut the fabric to the size of the flower die (or cut the pieces the size of each flower to save on fabric. You will end up with 6 total flowers (2 Large, 2 Medium, and 2 Small). Layer them on top of each other largest to smallest, alternating the angle of the flower petals (so each of the layers show). There are a few options in the next step. Use your 1/2" Circle Punch (or a pair of scissors) to cut out a small piece of the Iron-on Adhesive. #1 option: you can cut out 6 small pieces of the Iron-On Adhesive and layer them between each flower to hold them together. Put the brad in the center (before you put the last iron-on circle on). Turn the flower over, open the brad and put the remaining iron-on circle on top of the opened brad. #2 option: you can cut out 2 small pieces of the iron-on adhesive and put one on the back of the large flower (after you have layered all the flowers), heat it, then put the brad in the center of the flower. Turn the flower over, open the brad and put the other circle over the opened brad. (I used the 2nd option for this flower, it seemed to hold just fine after the brad was put in, but it is really your preference).
After you have put the final iron-on circle on top of the opened brad, flip the flower over (right-side-up). Place the flower in the position that you'd like the flower to be on the headband. Hold the iron on it for a few seconds. DONE!

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Karen said...

Karen, I just love your headbands and the teacher easel cards are great.

Looking forward to seeing your new creations.

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