Monday, January 4, 2010

So many ideas so little time!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? If the answer is 'yes'...good for you! If you are like me and the answer is 'no, because I make them and then feel guilty for not keeping them.' then this idea is for you. This idea is called the "Scrapbook List" Make a scrapbooking album of 10 goals (or more...or less - depending on your enthusiasm for this idea)! Make sure the first page consists of a list of your goals...because, if you're anything like me, life is hectic and you aren't going to remember your goals by May. :) You goals could be anything from "go on a hike" to "run a marathon" that's the beauty of goals, there is no rule that they have to be nearly unattainable to be considered a 'good' goal. They can be simple or they can be's all up to you.
Next, as you accomplish each goal save something to commemorate the event (a picture, an airline ticket, a copy of your marriage licence, etc.)

Getting Started:

1.Get a new album and customize it to fit your personality. Dedicate it to the upcoming year. (Or to Goals in general).
2. Make a list of things you want to do. (If the list becomes massive, pick your 10 or 12 favorites. That would be about 1 goal a month, which would make them more attainable).
3. Make sure your goals not only are achievable, but defined and have an estimated end date. (Instead of the goal "Be a better cook" make the goal "Take a cooking class and make 7 dishes that you learned there).
4. Devote at least one page to a goal. Then in December you can look back and see all of your accomplishments. It is also good motivation because you don't want to get around to December and find that your album is blank.
5. Save a memento from each goal. If you went on a hike save a leaf or something from that hike.
And most importantly: Don't forget to journal! Write what preparation this goal took. Write how you felt when you accomplished this goal. And write how proud you are that you accomplished all your goals this year!

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