Tuesday, May 4, 2010

After School Snack Bag

Items Needed:

Serif Essentials Alphabet (#113464)
Big Shot Die-Cut Machine (#113439)
Iron-on Adhesive
Material of your choice

If your kids are anything like mine...when they get home from school the first thing they ask is NOT "Hi, Mom, how was your day?" it's "What is there to eat?" This was a VERY simple bag to make (I know, the story of my life huh? If it's not simple, it's probably not going to get done around this house). I am NOT a sewer by any stretch of the imagination, so you know this bag didn't take much. It is basically a piece of material sewn in 1/2 with some handles attached. I added the Letters using iron-on adhesive (I used Heat n' Bond). That's all it takes. Now when they ask what they can eat (without ruining their appetite for dinner) they can just go get something out of this bag.

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Andrea Beasley said...

What a GREAT idea! =) I'm a new follower - http://www.stampwab.com