Monday, July 12, 2010

Changing your Wood Mount Stamps To Clear Mount!!

Are you running out of room to store all your stamps? I know I am. I am being overrun by my stamps. My first thought was "Well, I guess I need to sell some." So I started to go through all my stamps to get rid of the ones I haven't used, or the ones that I think I could do without. The problem with that was out of about 100 stamp sets, I chose 2 that I could do without. That doesn't really help my storage problem. So I found a way (with the help of a few other Stampin' Up! Demonstrators) to change my wood mount into clear mount stamp sets.

1. Choose your stamp set. For this tutorial, I am using "Ribbon of Hope"

2. Take your clear label off your stamp. (The image on the top of the stamp that let's you see which stamp you are using). Put your stamp in the microwave...yes, I said put it in the microwave, this is the only time you will hear me telling you to put a stamp in the microwave (5-10 seconds will be fine, depending on the size of the stamp) this will loosen the adhesive on the rubber backing of your stamp...and if you have small children, I would suggest doing this when they aren't looking. I had a hard time explaining to my children why it was alright for me to put my stamps in the microwave, but why they'd get in HUGE trouble if I ever saw them doing the same thing.

3. IMMEDIATELY peel rubber stamp from the wood block. BE CAREFUL!!! It's really hot and really sticky. If it doesn't come off real easily, you can put it back in the microwave for a few seconds.

4. Center the image directly on top of rubber stamp (thanks to Stampin' Up! all of their stamps are now the "punch out" design. Which means you don't have to guess where the center of the image is, and it fits PERFECTLY on the rubber backing. Then trim the excess of of the clear image.

5. Place a piece of clear vinyl on top of the clear image (not the rubber stamp, just the clear image that you just placed on the rubber). Trim the excess of the clear vinyl. Now you are finished! You have your clear mount stamp sets.

Now, before you ask how that clears up any room, since you just have to put them right back in the "wood-mount containers" that you just took them out of. Let me tell you about the Clear Mount Stamp cases. Item #119105 You get 4 cases in each package ($4.95 per package...that's only $1.24 per case). Another plus to changing to clear mount instead of wood mount stamps. If you start ordering all your stamps in clear mount instead of wood, you can save $3-$12 per stamp set. Buying just a few of those will pay for your clear mount blocks, and you will continue saving money. Also, (with a tip of the hat to Tami Brown), you can make your own inserts using the Stampin' Up! "My Digital Scrapbooking". If you have any questions contact me using the "Contact Me" icon on my website or e-mail me at

TIP: You can reuse your wood blocks as well. I found the easiest way to clean the glue off of the blocks is as soon as you take your wood block out of the microwave and take the rubber off, take a smaller wood block or something flat and sturdy and scrape the glue off. Since the glue is still hot from the microwave it comes of easily. You can use them as building blocks for your children, or you can paint and decorate them to add some "home decor" in your home. Simple and free!


zainy3018 said...

Great post. Where did you purchase the vinyl cling?

Karen said...

I got it off of e-bay. I heard that you can get it at just about any craft store though. If you just type in "cling vinyl" on e-bay they have a TON of things (Honestly, I'd never even heard of cling vinyl until I heard someone telling me how to change my wood mount stamps). You can get it anywhere from 12" x 6" all the way up to whatever size they use to wrap a boat for the winter - depending on how many stamp sets you have. :)

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